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Daniel Gutzmore
December 01, 2017

5 Benefits of Diversity in College

Benefits of Diversity in college

In the world as well as in the workforce it's an established fact that the best products services, environments are fostered in places that embrace diversity and inclusion. College campuses are no different. The benefits of diversity in college far outweigh any perceived hindrance critics of diversity would bring up. The list of these benefits are many but a few that standout include being able to recruit from a larger pool of candidates subsequently a college can growth forecast and follow population trends to make sure enrollments numbers are met. It's also good public relations some would say a badge of honor to be known as a diverse institution. It's also beneficial for a college to be able to tap into the intellectual prowess and experiences that exists in people of all different types of backgrounds. Thinking longer term a diverse student body will equal a diverse Alumni base which is a benefit to institutional advancement.

Larger Recruitment Pool

When it comes to student recruitment, colleges need to fish in the ocean not in a creek. Being able to cast a wider net will give the college the ability to reach it's enrollment goals. A part of this approach is admission of all the different types of prospects of different backgrounds that's going to be available to the institution. It's a disservice from a sheer numbers perspective to have a monolithic focus. Would you rather thread a needle or walk through a wide open door. For admissions departments an increase in prospects is a definite benefit of diversity in college.


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The Grass Is Greener And More Fertile

The last two census counts and numerous studies and surveys over those decades all point to the fact that the diversity of the population is expanding not contracting. As an extension of the first point it's to the advantage of admissions departments to go were the growth is where the grass is greener or more fertile. If you were a ranch hand and you had a choice between long fertile grass for your cows to graze or a landscape that was smaller and less fertile with only patches of grass which one would you choose? Common sense would dictate the former. This is no different, paying attention to population trends and using that data to make smart decisions about recruitment ensures that your going with growth and not against it.

Benefits of diversity in college

Public Relations

In our current social climate. Institutions, companies, individuals who are opposed to diversity or show tendencies to lack diversity are often ostracized publicly. One of the benefits of diversity in college is the institution can wear it as a badge of honor and be held in high regard among it's peers and society at large. They're plenty of media outlets who would embrace as story of diversity and inclusion on campus and how it's been beneficial. After an extended period of these efforts it becomes synonymous with the schools brand and in a self sustained cycle continues to help bolster recruitment and enrollment. Traditional and non traditional students are highly conscious about challenges in society in regards to diversity and inclusion, showing that not only is this something that the university is sensitive to but it's also taken steps to bolster inclusion is very attractive to prospective students and great benefit of diversity in college.


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Untapped Talent

You often here people refer to a brain drain where an area or country's best and brightest leave for greener pastures. Justified or not this is a real threat to states, countries, municipalities and institutions like colleges. Embracing diversity on campus can help avoid a brain drain and draw people to your campus/ area instead of them leaving. Also great ideas, innovations, new companies, cures for diseases etc. are discovered and founded by people of all different types of backgrounds. Having any exclusionary environment can only harm the institution in the long term as it limits its access to great minds and innovators of the future.


Diverse Alumni

One of the Long term benefits of diversity in college is a diverse student body will eventually mean a diverse Alumni. Diversity among alumni is very beneficial for institutional advancement. Whether it be for the purpose of recruitment, fund raising, growing the endowment or tapping into a certified base of knowledge that has an affinity for the college and would go out of its way to help, a diverse alumni is a potent and important factor for the success of any institution.


A focus on diversifying or growing alumni, tapping into a pipeline of talent, PR, bettering the odds for recruitment/enrollment having a larger pool of prospects to choose are all benefits of diversity in college. As mentioned they're many other benefits, tell us a bout a few from your experience in the comments section below. We appreciate and enjoy an open dialogue with our readers and subscribers.


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