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Daniel Gutzmore
April 07, 2017

5 Ways to Improve Private School Student Recruitment

Private School Student Recruitment 


In the last few years, the growth in the number of private schools on all levels from Pre-K all the way through post-secondary education has been tremendous. Prospective students and their parents not only have more schools to choose from, but they also have more information about these schools, are much more savvy about researching their choices, and scrutinize those choices using the information at their fingertips. In this new landscape, admissions and recruitment staff and recruitment agencies need to be diligent in their recruitment efforts and look for ways to improve those efforts. Here are 5 ways to improve private school recruitment.

Highlight Programs That Separate You From the Competition

The private school landscape is ultra competitive. For parents and prospective students, it's the distinct differences between choices that favor that prospective student's interest that will make the difference in what school they choose, it isn't always academic programs either. Do you have award-winning or highly recognized programs like Art, Drama, Debate, Music etc? Do you have high performing or championship winning athletics? These are the programs you should highlight in all of your communications with prospective students and families.


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Develop Talent Pipelines

 The most successful pro and college level sports teams all have one thing in common. They consistently and effectively create pipelines for talent development that eventually become participants and stars on their respective teams. Whether it's minor league baseball or the NBA development league or the NCAA, pro teams have these pipelines to develop and recruit talent so they can either continue a winning tradition or build a winning team where one didn't exist prior. The Same thing can be replicated in Private School Student Recruitment.

Develop relationships with other lower level schools and community programs that have access to talented students. If you're a private High School develop a relationship with the best public middle schools if you're private elementary schools develop and recruit from Child care centers etc. Put training programs and information sessions in place to develop this talent, and create a step by step system where this talent could eventually be accepted into the school and be successful while they are there.


Engage Parents and Students Simultaneously

Even when a student is on a full scholarship they're still costs that their parents or guardians are going to incur. If there is no financial assistance obviously the parents/guardians usually pay the tuition so obviously you must engage the parent with recruitment efforts, but don't neglect the actual user of the service which is the child. A successful recruitment technique is dual engagement parent and student at the same time. In correspondence with parents, you may want to highlight academics and financial obligations or aid. With the student, your message may be geared toward life on campus or activities outside of the classroom. This Multi-pronged approach can help bring both sides of this prospecting coin parent and student to one accord.


Private School Student Recruitment

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Accessibility to Campus and Staff

Access is everything nowadays, people have gotten used to receiving things as soon as they want them. Want the latest news? Open Your Phone! Want the latest item of clothing or shoes Amazon will have it to you same day or next day. This level of expectation extends to the school and its recruitment efforts. Your Campus has to be immediately accessible and open past the normal Sunday Open Houses and your staff must be available at all times to answer questions and inquiries. Technology can certainly help in this effort to be more accessible.


Public Relations and Community Outreach

Basic Public Relations and community outreach campaigns can go a long way in student recruitment. Curate an image for the institution, what is your mission statement. Are there causes or other community based nonprofit organizations that you can Align the school with that will endear it to prospective students and parents? The perception of the type of institution it is and what it stands for is a key element in Private School Student Recruitment.


What do you think are other ways private schools can improve student recruitment. Share your experiences in the comment section below. We love hearing your thoughts on this topic.


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