5 Ways To Get Multicultural Leads Into Your CRM

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July 28, 2017

Multicultural Lead

As the multicultural audience continues to grow and thrive companies large and small are looking for ways to engage them. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are a universally accepted way of keeping track of leads, and engaging and following those leads through the buyers journey until they become customers and hopefully endorsers of your product or service.


Acquiring and segmenting multicultural leads could seem like an overwhelming task but is going ot be of utmost importance when engaging this audience. This post will focus on 5 ways to get multicultural leads into your CRM. Tactics such as paid search, purchasing current multicultural databases, organic content with airtight conversion paths, scrubbing and surveying of your current database, and grassroots engagement with manual entry.



1. Organic Content and Conversion Paths Geared Towards a Multicultural Audience 

A universally accepted way of getting customers into a CRM is by creating organic content with targeted keywords that, when searched for online, leads people to content hosted by your company. Once they're on your site, Call-to-Actions (CTA) will prompt the user to act usually by filling out a form with contact information in exchange for a valuable piece of content like an e-book or a case study.


By voluntarily submitting their information the user has now granted you permission to be placed in the CRM and you know have opportunities to further engage throughout the buyer's journey, following them from conversion point to conversion point until they're eventually customers. If this content is built for and targets the multicultural audience you can begin to grow this audience as a segment in your CRM. If your forms attached to CTA's are built properly, visitors will self identify as multicultural lists segmentation and engagement even easier.


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2. Grassroots Engagement and Manual Entry

Grassroots engagement, taking it to the streets, or as we like to call it "hand-to-hand combat" is an excellent way to connect with the multicultural audience. Because the audience is fluid and often times consumes media in very non-traditional ways, sometimes your best option is to go to the audience instead of waiting for them to come to you.


Brand ambassadors can go into multicultural neighborhoods and communicate with folks from the area on behalf of the product or service. Part of this communication should be manually entering contact information into your CRM. Similar to the first tactic mentioned, there will be a CTA in the form of a premium item offered to each person in exchange for volunteering their contact information, which is logged into the CRM at the time they receive the item. Although micro in approach, this tactic is great because your brand ambassadors control the quality of the leads entered into the CRM.


3. Purchase

If you have the resources but are short on time, you can always purchase leads from a 3rd party partner firm/vendor who works in that space. This is another sure fire way to get quality leads that have already been vetted into your CRM. A drawback is you'll have to make sure the supplier of said leads has permission from folks in the database to distribute/sell their information and depending on those permissions and the stipulations you may have to give those purchased leads the choice of opting in to this new CRM.


Multicultural Lead

4. Scrub and Survey Your Current CRM

This isn't unique to a multicultural leads but the best way to have a healthy robust CRM is to constantly be scrubbing your CRM to make sure leads are up to date. The worst thing in the world when it comes to CRM is to have leads in the database that are expired because folks have changed contact information, left jobs, opted out of your CRM or perished. This renders your CRM obsolete and ineffective. To take it a step further, once your in the process of scrubbing these leads, include a mechanism that can identify any of the leads you currently have that fall under the multicultural banner. A thorough scrubbing of the CRM may leave you pleasantly surprised as multicultural leads are discovered in the current CRM that can be reached immediately.


5. Paid Search

Tried and true paid search with a focus on keywords specific to the multicultural audience is a quick way to get leads into your CRM. Although most digital marketers would agree, organic ranking is the preferred and more sustainable method, if you have the resources paid search is more than efficient way of getting leads in immediately. Similar to organic, the conversions paths on this tactic have to be airtight, especially since you're paying for the ranking. You don't want leads falling through the cracks because of irrelevant content, non-compelling CTA's, or weak and confusing forms.


A robust CRM is key for a lot of business and for those targeting the multicultural audience leads that fit the criteria can sometimes be hard to come by or identify.


Have you had success with these or any other tactic not mentioned here? Please comment and share! 


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