Weekly Hot Takes: #PankcakestoBurgers and Pride

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June 16, 2018

weekly hot takesThis Saturday (oops, Sunday!) we talk about how what and when you use social media in your private life doesn't necessarily have to mean much in regards to how you use it professionally, I give a reminder that Father's Day is coming, and I talk about the importance of "prom send-offs" to Gen Z.



Following Hashtags
I've already discussed how I'm not exactly the biggest social media user. I could get into how I'm not the biggest fan of anything really, but I think I talked enough about this. What relevance does this have to last week? Well, I was randomly using Instagram and I decided to look up one of my side interests: handmade jewelry. I found that I could follow the hashtag (and a bunch others, so my Instagram use might see an uptick, but that's another story for another day).


Now, realizing that this was a possibility made my mind immediately turn to how hashtags could benefit brands. More than just people searching for the hashtags they're interested in, they can now get your posts delivered right to their home page. Can you imagine the organic reach involved in that? With the right strategy, you can reach your ideal customer with a simple refresh of home. 


I'd definitely reccommend it as something to consider in future plans. 

So IHOP made an attempt at a marketing campaign by mysteriously changing the P to a b and allowing speculation about what it all meant go on. Eventually they revealed that the "b" stood for burgers. Their reasoning? That IHOP is for more than just breakfast. They also serve lunch and dinner and they want their customers to know they take those meals as seriously as they do pancakes.


While I think the intent behind it makes a lot of sense, there's got to be something said about the execution. The change isn't going to affect a majority of franchise locations, for one. I think this is something you're either all-in on, or you don't do at all. 


There's also the fact that anyone who has seen any part of fast food on Twitter knows that most of the handles are very sassy, but none more sassy than Wendy's. From Whatburger and Burger King to the Queen of Twitter Shade, Wendy's, they all got in a tweet or two to poke fun at this decision that IHOP has made. 


Will this mean anything in a month? Who knows?

I talked about this a bit a couple of weeks ago, but one of the biggest holidays for marketers to hit in the month of June is Pride. It  should be the easiest: it lasts all month long, for one, so you have 30 days to express solidarity with, unlike any one-day holiday where if you haven't gotten your message out by 5:00 PM, you might as well forgett it. You don't even have to use words if hat's what you'd like. Get an image of a flag, hashtag it with some #LoveisLove and everyone will know exactly what you're talking about. 


But is there something more you can do to show the LGBTQ community that you hear them and that they have your full support? Something that could be more authentic than some pandering once a year where you practically ignore the commuity the rest of the year?


Luckily, there's an article for just that. Check out what 7 execs who are also members of the community have to say here. I think that it's a great read with some necessary advice and actionable decisions for anyone floundering or not sure what more they can actually do.




What did you notice or have thoughts on this week? Comment below.



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