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Key Consideration Stage Tools of the Multicultural Marketing Funnel

The second stage in the multicultural marketing funnel is the consideration stage.  By far the most misunderstood, its a critical step in the decision making process of a consumer.  It is during this stage that the buyer actually defines their problem and researches options to solve it.  Unlike the awareness stage where you're strictly providing value, during the consideration stage marketers are intending to drive behavior which is no easy task.  Multicultural consumers are extremely brand loyal and overall hesitant to experiment on new products.  While heavy lifting, this stage provides a huge opportunity because if your competition is not investing in it, you win the sale.  

The Multicultural Marketing Funnel is much different than a sales process.  Old school sales no longer works the same in the age of the Internet   Consumers have far too much information at their fingertips.  Sterotypical sleezy car-salesman types historically would attempt to have you breeze through, if not skip, the consideration stage altogether.  Attempting to do that today is a miscalculation of the needs of the multicultural buyer.  The purchase decision is far more layered and complex than making a decision to buy or not but instead factors like convenience, quality even social mission play an important factors.  Buyers are no longer just motivated by price.  

Its important to leverage pain and recognize that the challenges of the multicultural consumer are unique and often ignored.  They expect you to understand the differences that make them unique and account for them in your business model.  In return, loyalty is often the light at the end of the tunnel.  Here are a few essential tools to help you navigate through the Consideration stage of the Multicultural Marketing Funnel.

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