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5 Essential Fundraising Tips For Your School

As a small business owner, there have been a number of skills I've developed along the way that don't necessarily fall under the vertical of our marketing business function.  I've developed basic human resource skills, earned a degree in accounting, I fashion myself a therapist at times, and am even proud of my janitorial prowess.   However the most indispensable skill, and one I hope to perfect one day, is that of fundraising.  

Expert fundraisers are the most coveted for any college board of directors because they're hard to identify and "good at fundraising" is never a line on a resume (and if it is, buyer beware!) Accomplished fundraiser's reputations precede them.  If you're fortunate to land one on your board, do your best to keep them around.  The truth however is, you're probably reading this because you don't have that all-star.  That's ok because while fundraising comes more natural to some, for others it's a learned ability.  You can whip your rag-tag board into shape by teaching the principles of raising funds, and reinforcing them over and over again.  It doesn't matter if you're a large institution, local college, private or public high school or university, the principals are the same.  Here are the 5 essential fundraising tips for your School or University.

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