5 Tips: How to Hire Employees for Small Business Owners

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July 03, 2018


How to Hire Employees Growing a small business has many challenges we’ve addressed some of them before. One of those challenges is hiring. Hiring can be a very positive experience, it can be a sign that your business is growing and expanding and you need more hands on deck to help make it happen. It can also be a challenge in just figuring out where to go to get interested new candidates to interview for the position. There are several ways how to hire employees for a small business owners who aren’t going to have the gravitas of a household name to draw top talent. A few of those are Local colleges, Chambers of commerce, immediate friends and family, social media, and houses of worship


  1. Local Colleges

Local colleges can be a great way to hire employees for small business owners, especially if your business is located in a large metropolitan area with many colleges. A lot of these schools have career departments and career counselors, if you build relationships with those schools and individuals this can serve as a pipeline of steady educated employees. Many schools welcome those relationships as they can use job placement as a recruitment tool on their end. Many schools have guaranteed job placement as part of their pitch to students and are actively searching for relationships with businesses to help them meet their obligations. The challenge to this approach is it may only address entry or mid level positions if you’re recruiting from the undergrad class. Graduate and post-secondary may be an option for higher level positions.



2. Chambers of Commerce


Your local chamber of commerce can be another great way to hire employees for small business owners. Depending on how robust your local chamber is they may have a recruitment arm whose sole job is to vett, train, and find jobs for qualified candidates. If this isn’t a function that the chamber performs themselves often times they’re tied into or are aware of programs usually government funded to help people find employment. These type of programs are always looking for employee partners they can use for placement as their funding is usually tied to how many placements they make. This can be a great way to tap into a talent pool that ranges from entry level to executive level and also into untapped populations with a high talent level like veterans and seniors.


3. Social Media/Website


If your company uses social media to engage customers it can also use these developed platforms to recruit employees. Especially for those who manage to curate large followings for their company or themselves can leverage that as a recruitment tool. It’s not a stretch to say qualified candidates who follow on social media would work for you as well. From a recruitment standpoint the ability to share daily updates, videos, blogs and other types of content are ways social media affords you the ability to curate an image that will evoke a positive response. In addition the ability to place links on your social pages for conversions to your website where you further nurture these candidates and vett to make sure you’re getting the best options for the available positions is an advantage as well.


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How to Hire employees


4. Houses of Worship

As a business owner you may or may not want to wear your religious beliefs on your sleeve, but if you are connected with local houses of worship it could be a good way to hire employees. Often times sanctuaries will have community bulletins with postings for different happenings and opportunities in the community, also common is a set time during services for announcements and a schedule of upcoming events. If you can forge a relationship and have your available position as part of these announcements and bulletin postings you may be surprised by the results. There’s also an argument to be made in hiring from a pool of candidates who have a grounding in practicing moral behavior.


5.Immediate Friends of Family

Some may subscribe to teachings of the orator the late great Christopher Wallace who spoke on rule #7 in his 10 rules for running a successful enterprise an underrated rule at that “Keep ya family and business completely separated” . Granted Mr. Wallace was speaking of the illegal narcotics business specifically crack cocaine, but many folks subscribe to this rule no matter the sector they’re in. But the reality is if you have a small business or start-up immediate friends and family may be your only option for additional staff or help/ This is a great stop gap as you continue to build revenue and the business overall. And you never know you may find a diamond in the rough and a great employee among friends and family.


There manys ways to hire employees for small business owners, tapping into friends and family or services provided by the chamber of commerce or other related Agencies. Leveraging your social media following or tapping into congregations at houses of worship or local colleges and career counselors can all provide good candidates. You may want to implore all of these method one or some it’s what you’re comfortable with. Be diligent and know what you want the right employees are out there for you. Can you think of other ways you can go about hiring? Feel free to leave a comment in the section below, we appreciate feedback from our readers.


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