Afraid But Resilient Hispanic Diaspora in the Age of Trump

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May 19, 2017

Hispanic Diaspora

In the Summer of 2015 when then candidate Trump descended down the escalator in Trump Tower NYC and gave a speech in which he declared immigrants Mexicans specifically to be rapists and murderers there was an immediate shift within the Hispanic Diaspora.

This sentiment in regards to immigrants or diaspora population is nothing new but in recent memory there was no parallel to compare this to, an extremely hateful and decisive message being disseminated on mainstream platforms. To the Hispanic Diaspora that was a warning shot and the message was heard loud and clear.


That message resonated even louder and clearer 18 months later when Trump was actually elected president not of the local PTA but of the United States. Hispanic diaspora and Immigrants at large were on notice almost half the electorate voted for a man whose immigration platform was simple; Kick Them Out and build a wall so no others could come in.


The Circus and Carribean Infused Wings Targeting the Diaspora


What I've observed since the election of Trump among the Diaspora can be placed into 2 categories fear and resiliency.


Fear being the initial reaction and rightfully so. To think that your existence can be threatened by the change on the political scene in America had to be surprising for many members of the diaspora, after all this was a country were people from Latin America and other parts of the world came to escape unrest due to changes in politics or changes in regime in their home country. America was supposed to be a place of refuge from that type of unrest.


We also so a rise in crimes against the very same groups that Trump was dispariging all for political gain. From an objective observation it seemed as if a rock was overturned and all the insects and varmin underneath were now seeing the light of day and had the run of things.


Hispanic Diaspora

If u have any experiences with Immigrant or Diaspora populations then you maybe aware pf the resiliency it takes for them to survive and thrive after leaving there home country and coming to a foreign land. Not knowing the language in many instances they way things work, how to find employment navigate the landscape literally and figuratively, all while trying to keep some semblance of your own identity and stay connected to friends and family you may have left back home.


Some of these things may seem trivial especially for those of us who's families are from here or maybe those like myself who are second and third generation immigrants and the heavy lifting has been done for us, but they're not. That same level of resiliency is being shown right now in the face of this hateful regime. We're seeing many examples of Hispanic Diaspora and immigrant groups organizing to keep themselves informed as to the latest policy changes and implementation on the ground level.


The Hispanic Diaspora is well in their right in the current climate to have fear, but use that fear as fuel to continue fighting for equality and justice. The same resiliency and courage that was shown in taking the steps whatever those were to come to this country is the same resiliency that can be used to overcome this current wave of anti immigrant anti diaspora sentiment that has risen to the top of this Stew we call America.


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