3 Popular Hispanic Marketing Trends

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July 21, 2017

Hispanic Marketing Trends

As more bands clamor for the Hispanic audience they're putting the pressure on agencies to reach a larger swath of the population, faster, and in a way that shows a very clear return. With more agencies and marketing managers tasked with this duty we're beginning to see some trends emerge. We'll discuss some of the more popular Hispanic marketing trends that we're witnessing now and which one of those may or may not be here to stay.

Marketing Messages With Both English and Spanish in the Copy

More and More we're seeing companies use this tactic when targeting an Hispanic audience. Brands and Agencies are beginning to understand that often times the language is fluid and interchangeable. Especially of you're targeting 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanics who grew up in the US but whose household still speak Spanish primarily in an English world. Couple this with the phenomenon known as "code switching" where an individual "switches" the way they talk, move, and interact with others in the moment depending on who they're around and who's listening. Brands and agencies who were once afraid of offending or losing consistency or clarity in messaging are now embracing this trend of English and Spanish messages in the same copy.


Hispanic Marketing Trends


I May Be Hispanic, But I'm Also American.

With the populist rhetoric that has emerged over the last cpl years, highlighted by the election of Donald Trump there is clearly a sense of "other". Real Americans those who actually belong here were born here and should reap the benefits of this country are being marginalized by people who come to this country and "take" Those people are often defined as immigrants. Which for most populists is code word for Hispanic. This narrative has forced another Hispanic Marketing trend, which is to be prideful and happy about your Hispanic heritage and family name but at the same time boldly and proudly declaring your allegiance to this country and the true American things you've done i.e. serve(d) in the military, served in elected office etc. Brands are using these images and messages to use that populist rhetoric as a spring board to show where they stand on these hot button social issues and in doing so align themselves to an audience they're trying to push product and services to.


Who Run the World?.....Girls!

This isn't so much a trend as it is an amplification of what was already taking place. Which is when reaching the Hispanic audience no matter the product or service having women incorporated in or at the forefront of the messaging. Hispanic culture is very matriarchal and like a lot of other cultures the products and services the family consumes and engages with are usually vetted and approved by a female in the household Madre, Tia, Abuela, hermana etc. Agencies and brands are recognizing this and making sure even if the product itself skews male the vessel for the messaging is female.


Whether it's multi-language messaging, patriotic symbolism against populist rhetoric, or Matriarchal positioning in messages these Hispanic marketing trends are gaining momentum right now and may be here to stay. Are there trends in Hispanic Marketing that you've noticed in recent history? Share those with us in the comment section below we look forward to your feedback.


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