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November 09, 2020

online learningOnline learning, whether students are seeking it out or are stuck doing online learning thanks to COVID-19, it has become an integral part of education. So, marketing your online learning service will present some new and unique challenges; such as, reaching reluctant online learners and competing in a field that suddenly has had a huge influx of new competition. There are plenty of memes poking fun at the new “Zoom University” that students of all ages and levels are attending. But this narrative isn’t necessarily negative, rather it is a way for people who are experiencing a similar change in circumstances to connect. This is a more in depth look into pandemic marketing and quarantine marketing.


Using the spirit of “we are all in this together” can be a powerful way to market your online learning service and to turn the narrative of “Zoom University” to a more positive light. To market your online learning, it is essential for marketers to understand why students want online learning. It is also important to learn how to use the changing world to your advantage, and how to structure your service in a unique way.

Why Students Want Online Learning

While it may seem that many students are lamenting the use of online learning, there are many benefits to online learning that even the most reluctant students will enjoy. More flexibility is something (and I am speaking from experience) is something that students are always searching for. Students don’t like commuting? Not a problem! Students want the freedom to attend class from anywhere? Not a problem! Play up these benefits rather than trying to make up for what students are missing. As someone who prefers in-person learning to online learning, I cannot deny that there are very strong benefits to online learning.


Quarantine marketing is an important process to learn especially when marketing online learning. Students are most likely in the midst of big, and unexpected life changes, it is essential to know how to connect to them in a meaningful way without sounding exploitative of their situation.


Using this urgency will not only inspire potential students to take up your services; it will inspire them to make the change within themselves that they have always wanted to make.



Use the Changing World As a Positive Catalyst for Change

The changing world we are living in right at this moment is scary, but it can also be inspiring. Many people from all walks of life are looking to make a change, big or small. Maybe a career change, or learning a new skill for their hobbies, these rapidly changing unprecedented times can actually present opportunities to people who may not have had them before. Marketers should consider marketing their service on this aspect because it will be a small window of opportunity for both the consumer and marketers. While it may seem that the pandemic will continue on forever, things will change and the opportunity to utilize online learning may be gone sooner than we can predict. Using this urgency will not only inspire potential students to take up your services; it will inspire them to make the change within themselves that they have always wanted to make. This will make your potential consumers more dedicated students who want to take advantage of this opportunity to achieve their goals that they may have put on hold.


Structure Marketing Your Service in a Unique Way

Since the pandemic hit the United States online learning has been one of the services to see an increase in the market when compared to other services. So as a result, marketers need to learn how to structure their marketing in a unique way. Techniques such as segmenting your audience and creating buyer personas will be really helpful.


Remember, that many people who are seeking out an online service are unique learners and want to know how your service will provide them a unique education. Non-traditional learners can be your biggest asset, and structuring your marketing to emphasize how you will meet their unique needs will surely help you find your niche in this expanding market.


In conclusion, the world of online learning is expanding rapidly, most people want a positive experience, even those who prefer the traditional way of learning. So, remember to focus on the positives of online learning, use urgency as the pandemic won’t last forever and neither will the opportunity to get an education, segment your audience and create buyer personas, and finally think deeply on how you can serve non-traditional learners as they will be your biggest asset.


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