Weekly Hot Takes: Personal vs. Professional Social Media

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June 10, 2018

weekly hot takesThis Saturday (oops, Sunday!) we talk about how what and when you use social media in your private life doesn't necessarily have to mean much in regards to how you use it professionally, I give a reminder that Father's Day is coming, and I talk about the importance of "prom send-offs" to Gen Z.



How Do You Use Social Media?
On my down time, I don't use social media. Not really. I have never made a Snapchat account, my Instagram hasn't been updatedin four years, I don't have a Twitter account, and I spend most of my Facebook time checking out groups for my personal interest and making reminders about the importance of voting. And, yet, my primary job at Highbrid Media involves social media. 


Someone asked me how that worked this week and I had to think about it. Because, yeah, in a way it seems like there's a disconnect, but in my mind it's pretty simple. Despite my lack of interest in using social media in my personal life, I have a pretty huge interest in the ways that brands use these tools to interact with their customer base and that is why, despite not using some of these services, I like to stay on top of what's working, what isn't, and know what trends are coming. 


See? Simple. 

Father's Day
Father's Day doesn't usually get as much fan fare as Mother's Day, that's just a fact. This doesn't mean that it doesn't get any at all, but it's never as much if a frenzy. Now, for me personally, I would say that it was because while my father would help my sister and I to get things for my mother, when it came around to June, he would say that he didn't want anything, or that he didn't need anything. So Father's Day, other than a handful of situations, was very mellow. 


Still, that doesn't mean that you can't find a way to use this as a great marketing opportunity. Be that one company that goes all out in taking about the day, celebrating fathers. Celebrate mothers who play dual roles, if that's something you'd like. But whatever you do over the next week, be sure to take into account what your target audience would like more.

Gen Z June Priorities 
Over the past couple of weeks and throughout the next few months, proms and graduations are going to be popping up all over, which is a great time to attract the attention of Gen Z. Proms, especially, have become something of a show off moment for Gen Z, hosting send offs where friends and family come out to watch the person in question exit their home -- and of course you know it's showing up on Snap or Insta, hashtags and all. 


If reaching Gen Z is one of your brand goals, it may be a good idea to look into how you can take something as simple (or as extravagant, really -- I've seen some where they have dancers and other entertainment) as going off to prom as a marketing moment. Run a clothing brand, tell anyone who is wearing your band to use a special hashtag, or more. There's a lot of opportunities for engagement. Try one out, see what happens.




What did you notice or have thoughts on this week? Comment below.



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