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Daniel Gutzmore
March 10, 2017

3 Hispanic Marketing Trends to Watch

Hispanic Marketing Trends


There's no argument that marketing efforts and advertising placements targeting the Hispanic population will increase in  the years to come. Population growth along with  social and economic changes are a few factors driving this increase, and brands are paying attention.  Studying the landscape there's a few trends to watch in marketing to the Hispanic audience, the commodification of the struggle, Spanish target English language, and Activism marketing 


Commodifying The Struggle

I spoke on this in a recent post not in regards to  Hispanic Marketing Trends but multicultural advertising as a whole and why it's profits over politics. But specifically with Hispanic advertising in these days and times Hispanic immigrants and their families by extension are in the news a lot and the community as a whole is under attack and feels like they may not be welcomed hear. Look for brands to commodify that struggle acknowledging the feeling of vulnerability and attaching a "we're all in this together" or "We're here for you" type of message. In this type of messaging the brand may speak to how their product or service can help you and your family in these uncertain times , but often times the branding itself will take a back more discrete or subdued seat in the messaging focused on the broader altruistic message as opposed to peddling product. 


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Hispanic Target English Messaging

There's  no denying that the Hispanic population is fully immersed and assimilated to American culture. They're many levels to this population 1st and 2nd gen, South/Central Americans, Europeans, documented, dreamers etc. What brands have begun to figure out no matter the box that's checked for a particular individual more often than not that person is immersed in and understands American culture and although the individual may not be fluent they understand English not only the language but nuances and inferences. In the Early days of Hispanic Marketing a trend was to use the general market spots and then have really horrible Kung-Fu movie style voice overs, now it's not so much about the language. Whether it's TV or other mediums you can have English messaging but reflect the Hispanic market in the image portrayed and the positioning of the message and still be extremely effective in reaching the target audience.


Hispanic Marketing Trends

3. Activism Marketing

As stated before in this current social climate activism is definitely on the rise. Non profit and activists group are actively marketing and recruiting Hispanics to join there movements.  This Hispanic Marketing trend will continue to develop as activist groups will look to let the Hispanic audience know that they align with and are sympathetic to the causes they're fighting for. Also with the current and future size of the Hispanic population activist and non profit groups will look to them as a solid fund raising base as well in the states and overseas


We've addressed Hispanic Marketing Trends in the past and will continue to do so as we see more emerge.  Activism marketing, English messaging and cashing in on the struggle are three that we've identified for the early part of this year. Are their Hispanic Marketing Trends that you've noticed or that we didn't mention, use the comment section to let us know what you've witnessed as a trend we really enjoy the feedback.


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