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Experiential Marketing Agency can feed your sales pipeline

experiential marketing agency

Experiential marketing agencies aren’t a new phenomenon but they are becoming more popular. Firms who specialize in creating experiences around your product or service where your target personas can interact with the brand directly and walk away with a higher recognition and affinity for the brand than before the experience. One important factor with any marketing effort not just experiential, that effort should ultimately be tied into a sales pipeline.

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The Advertising Sales 4 Letter Word That Will Stop You In Your Tracks

You can often tell long before a pitch meeting ends, how it is going.  When things are good, there's usually a rhythm.  There's a back and forth, an open dialog and good questions asked.  Conversely, when a prospect is constantly looking at their watch, taking calls within the meeting, not taking notes or yawing its generally not a good sign.  But perhaps worse than all is when the prospective client uses a four letter word.  

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