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3 effects of Immigration Policy on Multicultural marketing Agencies

Recently the Trump administration pivoted the immigration conversation from it's normal place of focusing on illegal immigration to now focusing on immigration reform as a whole. Tenants of the policy include qualifiers such as speaking English, being highly skilled, having relatives already here, this seems to suggest pretty blatantly a policy in favor of immigration only from White European nations. Whether or not this policy actually becomes law is another debate, what can't be debated is the effect of the pursuit of this policy on the physci of all Americans whether Pro or anti Immigration, will see the affects of this new physci on pop culture, art, and even in marketing. Multicultural Marketing Agencies in particular will have a heightened sense of awareness surrounding the policy implications, and there's no debating that it can effect agencies in areas from human resources and recruitment to the actual strategy and plans they come up with when putting together campaigns on behalf of clients. We'll talk about 3 ways the latter will manifest itself over the coming months those being smart and subversive messaging, more ad planing and buying of non traditional media, Brands requesting inclusive messaging targeting a wider swath of the multicultural market.

Daniel Gutzmore Comment

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