3 Reasons Why You Need to Integrate Mobile CRM to Your Strategy Now!

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April 15, 2022

If your team has already been using a CRM then you likely already know how it can save time, energy, and make sales easier to navigate. Taking your CRM to the next level will amplify these benefits. Mobile CRM is CRM for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This allows your team to access mobile customer data which is becoming much more prominent due to the rise in mobile device usage. Marketers and salespeople need to adapt to the changing dynamic. More and more sales are being done completely over a mobile device. Some prospects may never or rarely use a home computer outside of work. So it is important to be able to target leads based on what they regularly use. 


This looks like making your marketing emails very mobile friendly. If leads are reading your emails on their phones, they will be more engaged if it is clean and organized looking. This is only possible if you are utilizing mobile CRM. You can increase satisfaction in your customers by allowing them to navigate your website and portals on their mobile devices. Mobile device usage has exploded in the last ten years and it is not slowing down. 


Reason 1: Mobile Device Usage 

Eleven years ago, mobile device usage was already exceeding desktop device usage in countries such as India. Today, mobile device usage is still exploding, and continuing to grow. As a result most companies have already adapted to the change by adopting mobile-friendly CRM software. This means you and your team will be able to create webpages, landing pages, forms, emails, and much more that are suited for mobile devices. This improves user experience or UI. With a CRM such as HubSpot, you can get mobile optimization with a click of a button for emails and blogs. 

But it takes more than optimizing individual webpages and blogs to be truly mobile optimized. You must put yourself in your customer’s shoes and imagine the customer journey, but on a mobile device. When using mobile devices, customers may opt to navigate your website differently. They may even make different decisions based on their mobile experience. If your website is formatted for the buyer's journey only on desktop, your mobile users are missing out. Here’s a quick guide for making your website optimized for mobile users: 


  1. Search: How are mobile users going to search for a solution to their problem as opposed to desktop users? They may use shorter or more concise searches. You should optimize blogs to be easily found by mobile users. 
  2. Navigation: Once mobile users have accessed your site, how will they navigate to forms and landing pages? Needless to say these landing pages and forms will need to be formatted for easy mobile use. But you will also need to make these stand out on a mobile device. A small link may not be enough for a prospect to take action. 
  3. Analyze: On certain CRMs such as HubSpot you can track activity based on device type. You will find that users on certain devices are more likely or less likely to convert on a certain page. Take this data and implement it into your strategy. 


Reason 2: You Don’t Need to be at your Desk to Increase Sales 

Switching gears, mobile optimization does not just mean easier access for your customers. You and your team can enjoy the ease and access of making sales, and creating deals anywhere you go. CRMs such as HubSpot now have an app you can use on your mobile device so that you can access contact records anywhere you go. This allows you to send updates, and complete tasks sooner. 


Contacts can also complete sales away from their desk. Closing a deal can be done entirely from mobile devices from start to finish. All you need is mobile integration on both ends.   

Backend mobile integration is easy if you are using a CRM platform that already provides an app. 

When emailing a contact you can access templates, CTAs, and signatures just as you would at your desk.   


Reason 3: Customer Satisfaction


It is no secret that exemplary customer service keeps customers coming back again and again. Mobile CRM can help to keep your customer service to the highest standards of satisfaction.  

Saving time is a big component of increasing the satisfaction of your customer. You probably invested in CRM because you wanted to save time for your team and your customers. With mobile CRM you can save even more time.   

Customers expect to be able to access your site, portals, and emails from any mobile device in this day in age. Anything that does not meet that expectation could be counted against your customer service level. 


Using a mobile mobile device is second nature to a large and growing part of the population. If trends continue, mobile devices may take over desktop computers. As a result, marketers need to adjust to this change in order to compliment people's needs and preferences. While it may seem overwhelming to integrate mobile optimization into your marketing strategy, by taking it one step at a time you will find a very favorable increase in conversions and sales. Finally, like anything CRM, changes are investments. While it will take some time, energy, and finances at first, the pay-off is long lasting. 

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